Variety is the spice of life. That goes for erotica, too.

Art & Prose Together

Our love of the written word and comic book illustration combine in unique ways in our fiction. We make illustrated short stories and novels as well as comics. Whatever tells that particular story best!

Sex Positive Smut

for people who want something different. Our aim is to celebrate different body types, sexualities, and relationship styles in our sultry tales, focusing on character and story as much as our art. 

The Art of Erotica 

Our stories range from dramas that contain erotic content to stories for enjoyment . . . of the sexy kind! We believe both are great forms of artistic expression, and certainly worth a read! 

In the heart of the big city, just on the outskirts of the bustling downtown, sits the Foxwoods Apartments. The tenants simply call it The Woods.

Artists. Baristas. Musicians. Students. Disaffected office drones. Fashionistas. Tattooists. Party animals. The Woods is a den for the district’s young and hungry inhabitants, be they longtime city dwellers or wide-eyed transplants from the surrounding suburbs. What binds them all together, though, is that they are searching for something beckoning, inscrutable, and often found in the bedrooms of the building’s other residents.

There are sweet stories here. Tales of romance and choosing love above all. But there are stickier stories, too, driven by wanton desire and the possibilities raised by chance encounters and the darkness of late night hours.

Welcome to The Woods.

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The kingdom of Bridlegate is slowly crumbing under the weight of a constantly raging border war, and a King bent on the harsh control of his subjects. The rights of females, and foreign citizens have dwindled to nothing, seen only as property, while the use of magic by civilians is strictly forbidden.

The unicorn Heartstring, has fallen from aristocracy into a life of genteel poverty. She finds herself at the Blushing Ruby Inn, home to many interesting characters: from the ladies of night who ply their trade there to a brewing revolutionary force with plans to overthrow the oppressive regime.

Her privileged background gives her a special edge in aiding the revolution – if she dares. If she can once again enter the royal court, trained as a courtesan, she could use her charms to gain influence over high ranking officials and help plant the seeds for revolution.

Can her whispers change the kingdom?

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We are a group of friends, banding together to try to turn out passion into a viable profession. We hope you'll join us for this journey.