The Woods: Volume 01


A Threesome of Sexy Stories in One Volume.

Available to customers aged 18 and older.

When Do You Get Off? 
Unexpected things can happen when strangers bump into each other on the train. In Ella’s case, that bumping is sweetly literal as she goes on a very pleasant ride courtesy of the lascivious Goldie. 
Coffee With Cream 
Sometimes you really just need an eye-opener. For Amber, that includes a warm cup of coffee and a sexy something extra from her girlfriend Molly. 
A Little Extra Aloha 
It’s hard to feel all heated up in the freezing cold. Fortunately for Riff, his boyfriend Peach has the perfect idea to make their evening extra steamy. 

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2 Written Stories with Illustrations
1 Comic book short story
Bonus Content: Profiles for other characters within The Woods universe.

5.5″ x 8.5″ sized book
80 Full Color pages

The Woods Volume 1 Contains Explicit Sexual Situations and is only available for purchase by customers 18 years of age or older.

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